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Uranium series dating of quaternary deposits

Because these isotopes are related to each other by a radioactive decay chain, a material left chemically untouched for a long period of time (a “closed system”) exhibits a special condition called secular equilibrium, wherein the activity of each isotope in the chain is the same (activity is defined as the numbers of decays per unit time, which is equal to the number of atoms of that element times its decay constant).Materials that can be dated using U-series techniques are those that either (A) form by a process that causes disequilibrium, which results when the isotopes in the decay chain become separated (“fractionated”) in some way, or that (B) form by a process that records an existing disequilibrium in the material they form from.Contact details of some of the laboratories offering U-series geochronology in the US and elsewhere are listed below.This list includes the PIs of the U-series EARTHTIME initiative and a related expert advisory panel.The half-lifes of Ra are roughly 250, 75 and 1.6 thousand years, so that these isotopes are useful for looking at events that happened in the past thousand to million years.This is a very important time period of Earth history (the Pleistocene and Holocene) and a time period that very few other geochronometers can address.For instance, when crystals form in a magma, Th, U and Ra in the magma enter the different materials in different proportions, producing radioactive disequilibrium.

Another volcanic rock dating method using these isotopes looks at variations in daughter-parent isotope ratios between the whole-rock compositions of volcanic units of different ages at one volcano, and through a series of assumptions deduces the relative time between eruptions.In a similar fashion to corals, calcium carbonate cave deposits formed slowly over time by precipitation from ground water can be dated to reconstruct sea level changes (e.g., when a cave became flooded with seawater and so deposition stopped) and, in conjunction with measurements of oxygen isotope variations in the layers of a deposit, can be used to develop very accurate chronologies of changes in climate (primarily temperature and groundwater composition).Unlike coralline aragonite, dense calcite cave formations are not as susceptible to diagenesis and have greater potential for preservation through time.Regardless of how the disequilibrium formed, over time the U-series isotopes will tend to return to a state of secular equilibrium so long as the material remains in a state that does not allow chemical exchanges in or out of it, remaining a “closed system”.The time frame of this process, which is exploited to determine a U-series disequilibrium date, is governed by the shorter of the two half-lifes in any U-series isotope “parent-daughter” pair.

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The largest radioactive disequilibria are always found in the youngest materials.

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