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Java Script can access a file’s name, type, and even the width and height of a local image, but it wasn’t until HTML5 that it could access a file’s size.Unfortunately, HTML5 still isn’t a completed standard yet and isn’t uniformly supported across all browsers.Users are impatient; they don’t want to sit and wait while the browser is doing something and wonder whether it has frozen or if they have a slow connection.Providing a progress indicator gives users useful information and lets them know exactly what’s going on.I’ve defined the size of the progress bar container and given it a 1px black border, the color of the progress bar as it’s loading, and both the iframe and the progress bar are hidden. It contains six functions which I will discuss below.

The benefit in these cases is that you know what percentage of the work is done (or can make a good guess). Reprinted with permission by Pearson Education; All rights reserved.

The “status” div will display the numeric value of the percent uploaded.

The form is set to submit to the same URL and its target attribute points to a hidden iframe element.

In some situations you might need to display a progress bar—for example, when you are performing many tasks on the back end and they take a while to complete.

In these cases it is a good idea to give some indication to the user that you are in fact still performing tasks and that their browser hasn’t simply locked up.

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This could be checking for the creation of a file in the file system, or checking the output of a program or web page.

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