Ruserok failed validating

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Ruserok failed validating

Anyway, the problem at hand was the installation of the Torque/PBS job scheduler on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS box [].The plan was to initially install the scheduler on a single box, acting as server, scheduler, compute node, and submission host.The FQDN itself can be anything you want, but ideally choose something that cannot exist in reality, so something with a non-existent top-level domain.A cluster is nothing without some compute nodes, so next we tell the server process that the box itself is a compute node (with 4 cores, below – change this to suit your requirements).DOMAIN’ with your box’s fully-qualified domain name [].I prefer to use FQDN’s so that it’s easier later to add other compute nodes, job submission nodes, etc.This happens for submissions through the WMS to a CREAM CE deployed on a machine installed using a non-English (en-US) language.This is because of different representations of decimal numbers.

In fact, the most-visited posts on this blog tend to be just those.

This can be done easily, with the caveat that you get Torque v2.4.16, which at this point is at end of life.

I do not want to bother with non-packaged installs, as that would make my life harder later, so here goes.

[Update Nov 2016: I have since confirmed that this method works without change on 16.04 LTS as well, and have updated the post to note this.

I have also added a few instructions for installation on a machine which has no official FQDN, since this was a common stumbling block for a lot of people.] Last week I found myself needing to do something I really hate: solving a problem I know I solved before.

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CREAM CLI user or ICE) along with their meanings For submissions to CREAM through the WMS, they might appear in the org.cream.jobmanagement.

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