Dating questions info

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Dating questions info

Once you’ve done that, profiles start appearing and you can “like” or “pass” on each one similar to “Hot or Not.” If two people happen to like each other, then you get a match and the ability to chat on the app’s instant message system. DO check your shared Facebook connections before deciding to like or pass on someone.

Once you’ve chatted a bit and feel comfortable with each other, I recommend swapping phone numbers because the message system is wonky and sometimes unreliable. This might give you a good sense about what circles the other person runs in and could give you some helpful background. Love the Anchorman quote, which Will Ferrell movie is your favorite?

The other thing Tinder does is use the birthday you have in your Facebook account to display your age, so make sure that’s set correctly, otherwise you’ll be stuck with the wrong age on your Tinder profile.

Once you’ve got your profile squared away, getting used to the app is easy.

You go into settings and choose an age range for profiles you want to display.

You can also narrow the radius of profiles you want to see from 1-100 miles away from your current location (it works based on GPS). And if you want to be extra careful, only communicate with people with whom you have mutual Facebook friends (Tinder will tell you what mutual Facebook friends and Facebook likes you have).

That doesn’t mean they’re all going to gossip about it. No better way to do that than by showing ’em what you’re working with. You can never get it back once you’ve said no to someone! Sometimes you can get in a groove where you’ve passed on like five people in a row, and then you come across someone you like, but you’re so used to swiping left, you accidentally do it again. DO ask a question when you’re chatting with someone. DO give it some time to initiate a chat after you’ve struck a match.

These types of questions can be strange to ask directly before even meeting, but asking a vague, umbrella version like this can give you the answers you’re looking for…admittedly, with a little patience.

And though it can be tricky to navigate just how deep to ask your questions without seeming weird, chances are, the other person is wondering the same stuff about you.

If you’re an avid bookworm and someone tells you, “I don’t really read, LOL,” it might be a bit of a red flag.

You’ll also be asked questions about the type of person you’re looking to date.

The answers you give will help people to connect with you, whether that’s through advanced searches, or by seeing your profile as one of their daily matches or the matches we recommend to each member.

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